Friday, November 24, 2006

A snorer suffering from sleep apnea

Greetings! My name is Jack Snoring. I may make you laugh but my surname is also the name of the disease that I severely suffer from. But actually this is no fun and if you have the same problem you surely know it. Snoring... I turned into a loud snorer when 29 (my wife was wise enough to intimate it to me). But that was not the only thing. There was total cessation of breathing during my sleep from time to time. My general health condition was becoming worse and my spirits consequently more and more often low. Yeah, it was sleep apnea:( I started to drill the net and worm the books concerning the subject. At some moment I realized that there ain't so many good resources that contain really useful and comprehensible information about snoring and sleep apnea cures in one place. That's why I came up with a thought to start a blog entitled Sleep Apnea Cures where I plan to post the most relative information about effective methods of treating the disease. I must confess that I've tried lots of them and I can tell you it straight that it's not such an easy task to find the sleep apnea cure that suits you at best. But I did find something that brings me relief! Keep up with the blog and maybe you'll find a possible solution too.

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