Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sleep apnea cures and cures for snoring: are they the same?

So in the previous post we've come to the conclusion that treatments for snoring and for sleep apnea are not similar. Sleep apnea is a more radical upper airway obstruction that results in total cessation of breathing. So the treatment of it should also be more radical and intense. But, as a matter of fact, sleep apnea cures are almost the same as cures for snoring. The difference is in the way you apply them. While choosing the proper sleep apnea cure you should take into account the nature of the disease, its severity and intensity of other symptoms (I spoke about them in the previous posts of this blog as well as in Cures for Snoring and Stop Snoring Remedy blogs). And it goes without saying that sleep apnea requires a closer treatment monitoring.

Among the most popular sleep apnea cures there are:

- nCPAP (nasal continuous positive airway pressure),
- upper airway surgery,
- various oral appliances,
- weight loss,
- positional therapy,
- drug treatment,
- refusal from alcohol, smoking, muscle relaxants, sedatives and soporifics.

At present nCPAP is considered to be the most effective sleep apnea cure. Eventually it allows to improve the quality of your life and reduce the risk of acute cardiovascular pathology. That's why I'll speak about nCPAP in detail right in the next post.

But still you should bear in mind that the most effective treatment is a complex one. Therefore, one should not disregard other sleep apnea cures listed above.

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